Phoenix Voice


Voice Coaching for Executive and C-Suite

It's not just what you say - it's how you say it.

I have helped many Executive clients find their authentic voice, enhance their personal presence and deliver their message with ease, enabling them to achieve the highly successful results they desire.  The combination of a range of practical skills together with constant awareness of the importance and idiosyncrasies of the individual, are a significant feature of the unique service I provide.   

Clients work with me to:

  • Maximise the impact of their voice in a corporate environment
  • Improve their Zoom/Virtual platform skills and presence
  • Prepare for an assured performance in interviews or new job roles
  • Bring written words to life in a freshly delivered, dynamic way
  • Learn the skills of clear and impactful storytelling.

So that they can:

  • Communicate effectively at all levels
  • Chair or run meetings and events with authority, maintaining respect
  • Prepare for next-level interviews and roles
  • Be an assured, authentic and engaging public speaker
  • Deliver clear, concise responses which are easy to follow and understand.

 Performing at the highest level brings constant challenges as well as increased demands and pressure.  At the centre of this, you remain an individual and I find the way that works best for you, to help and support you achieve and maintain the successful results you desire.

For more information, availability and advice please contact me.