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Voice Training can lower your stress levels

The Government Health and Safety Executive cites total number of working days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety in 2013/14 at 11.3 million; an average of 23 days per case. See Voice training can help enormously.

A healthy diet and exercise, time management and relaxation are well-known tips for stress-busting and prevention. But relaxing when you’re stressed isn’t always so easy.

In order to fully and effectively relax, we need to implement effective breathing techniques. Understanding and developing the way you breathe has a link to lowering and managing stress. We use our breath in different ways depending on our circumstances; in relaxation, work or effort, and often we have no control over our breath in a situation of stress.


So what if you could learn and develop proven breath management techniques, which you could implement at will in any given situation, to improve your focus, your concentration, control your nerves and lower your stress levels?

You can!  The breath and the voice are inextricably linked. Stress, nerves and emotion also produce a physical effect on the voice. By understanding the relationship between the breath and the voice, you can learn practical techniques to manage not only your stress levels, but also to combat the effects of stress on your voice.

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